Bioiden­ti­cal Hor­mone Ther­apy — Feel Sex­ier, Look
Younger, Get Leaner and Live Stronger

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Per­i­menopause and Menopause — Women

The phys­i­cal signs of menopause are irreg­u­lar peri­ods, night sweats, hot flashes, weight gain, breast ten­der­ness, headaches, blad­der changes, heart pal­pi­ta­tions, vagi­nal dry­ness, incon­ti­nence, hair loss, dry skin, abdom­i­nal bloat­ing, and water reten­tion. These are all very typ­i­cal
phys­i­cal signs of menopause and the aver­age menopausal age is 51. When symp­toms occur sooner, as early as late 30’s and if women are still men­stru­at­ing, the woman is in “perimenopause”.

The very com­mon psy­cho­log­i­cal signs of perimenopause/menopause are mood swings, crank­i­ness, anx­i­ety,
depres­sion, fatigue, loss of libido, insom­nia, and mem­ory loss. When women rec­og­nize the signs of menopause early, with the right treat­ment using bioiden­ti­cal hor­mones, women can have relief of symp­toms and not suf­fer unnec­es­sar­ily. Using bioiden­ti­cal hor­mones allows us to replace what nature has lost with­out the risks of syn­thetic hor­mones. Let us restore your strength, allow you to feel sex­ier and feel like a younger ver­sion of yourself!

The most com­mon bioiden­ti­cal hor­mones to replace in women are prog­es­terone, estro­gen and testos­terone. We restore your nat­ural hor­monal bal­ance giv­ing you the feel­ing of youth and vital­ity. Is the treat­ment dif­fi­cult or painful? Not at all. Treat­ments are usu­ally given in creams, injec­tions or pel­lets and a per­son­al­ized treat­ment is pre­scribed for each patient and the patient is mon­i­tored with lab testing.

Andropause — Men

Andropause, or low testos­terone level in men, is male menopause and usu­ally occurs after 40 years of age in men. Some men will suf­fer symp­toms in their 30’s and those symp­toms are mood changes, fatigue, insom­nia, mem­ory lapses,
depres­sion, loss of moti­va­tion, decreased mus­cle mass, lower sex drive and weight gain. Bioiden­ti­cal testos­terone replace­ment includes daily creams or weekly injec­tion or quar­terly pellet.

Dr. Silva uses evi­denced base research to develop per­son­al­ized treat­ment plans.  After eval­u­a­tion of your med­ical his­tory and clin­i­cal symp­toms along with lab assess­ment, Dr. Silva will cus­tomize your treat­ment plan.   Your health is her para­mount con­cern. In the process, why not feel younger, leaner, sex­ier and stronger?